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Girl's 2018-19 Basketball Schedule

 12/5    4:30pm     vs Wilson at Wilson Girls
 12/11 4:30pm vs McDonough at home Girls
 12/13 4:00pm     vs Parker-Varney at PV     Girls
 12/18 5:00pm vs Smyth Rd at Smyth Rd Girls
 12/20 4:30pm vs Bakersville at home Girls
 1/03 6:30pm vs Green Acres     at Green Acres Girls
 1/07 4:00pm vs Gossler Park at Gossler Park Girls
 1/08 4:30pmvs  HGF at home Girls
 1/15 4:30pm vs Northwest at home Girls
 1/22 4:30pm vs Webster at home Girls
 1/29 6:30pm vs Jewett at Jewett Girls
 1/31 4:30pm vs Weston at home Girls

Boy's Team Basketball Schedule 2018-19

 12/07 4:30pm vs Hallsville at home boys
 12/11    4:30pm vs Bakersville at Bakersville boys
 12/13 5:30pm vs Parker Varney at Parker Varney     boys
 12/18 6:30pm vs Smyth Rd at Smyth Rd boys
 12/20 4:30pm vs Wilson at Wilson boys
 1/03 4:30pmvs HGF at home     boys
 1/07 5:30pm vs Gossler Park at Gossler Park boys
 1/11 4:00pm vs Webster at Webster boys
 1/16 4:30pm     vs McDonough at home boys
 1/23 6:30pm vs Green Acres at Green Acres boys
 1/24 4:30pm, vs Northwest at home boys
 1/30 4:30pm vs Jewett at home     boys

21st Century program is run by the School District 21st Century Home Page

The YStart program is run by the Manchester YMCA YStart Home Page

There are also various sports offered by staff. Sports

21st c home page

Here's a link to 21st Century at the Beech.

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Clubs and Programs
Clubs and Programs
21st Century Community Learning Center 
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