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Award Winning Books

Award Winning Books
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Borrow Books
Borrowing policy:
All students may borrow one book per week. Kindergarten and first grade students' books remain in their classrooms. Second through fifth graders are allowed to take library books home for the week.

Choosing books:
Primary students may choose any book from the primary section. This includes fiction, nonfiction and magazines. We teach and encourage students to use the "5 Finger Rule" to choose just right books for themselves. However, student choice is top consideration. Often, students choose a book for the illustrations, and or love of a favorite author.

Intermediate students (grades 3-5) may choose any reading material in the library. This includes fiction, nonfiction and magazines as well as several genre sections such as Biography, Memoir, Poetry and Historical Fiction. Again, students are taught and encouraged to choose books that are at their reading level, but are allowed to choose books above their reading level with the hope that they will share them with family and friends.

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