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Water Fair (4th Grade Science Fair Sponsored by the City every April)

Water Fair Fun

Dear Families,

We have an exciting opportunity! The 4th Grade students may participate in the State of New Hampshire Water Science Fair.  Students will be creating a project related to water.  At school, we will talk about different ideas and examples of water projects.  Students will need to make the project at home and bring it to school.  Or, they can work on Monday afternoons in the 21st Century Water Club. Some people from Manchester Water Works will come to look at the projects.  They will have prizes for the best ones.  Making a project is optional, but we encourage all students to participate.

How can you help?

  1. Projects are due Monday, April 17th.  Please help your child remember this important date.  Write it on your calendar.

  2. Your child will come home with ideas for a project.  Talk about these ideas together and help your child figure out what to do.

  3. Your child will have a chance to get information for their project here at school.  You can help get some information at home too.

  4. Projects do not need to be big, complicated or expensive.  Help your child find items around the house that can be used. We also have items at school.

  5. Have fun together!  Remember, this is your child’s project and they must do the work.

Water Fair Requirements

All fourth graders are encouraged to participate. The City's Water Works Department sponsors a state wide Science Fair with the theme of water. The requirements are as follows:

1. Must have a signed permission slip from parent / guardian.
2. Must complete a project or poster on topic.
3. Must write a one page minimum report on what was learned.
4. Must have a bibliography for their report.