Beech Street

Elementary School

We, the team at Beech Street Elementary School, are a community of students, staff, and families who are Respectful, Responsible, Caring, Safe, and ALWAYS Bobcat Proud.

Bobcat Learners In Person Learning

If your student is going to be absent from school with symptoms or COVID19, please call us at 624 6314 ext 5 and leave your student's name, grade, teacher, symptoms, and a number at which we can call you.

Si su estudiante va a faltar a la escuela con síntomas o COVID19, por favor llámenos al 624 6314 ext 5 y deje el nombre de su estudiante, grado, maestro, síntomas y un número al que podamos llamarlo.

If you are having a problem with your chromebook, please file a ticket with tech support. When we receive a report, we will be able to reach out to your accordingly.