Community Schools Project

Welcome to the Community Schools Project! Gabrielle McNulty (Ms. Gabby) and Carol Heald (Ms.

Carol) are therapist working for Amoskeag Health and located at Beech St. School. This program is also

supported by the Manchester Health Department.

As Behavioral Health Counselors we work with students at Beech St. both individually and in groups to

address issues such as anxiety, depression, peer relationships, communication skills, and behavior at

school and at home. We use a strength-based approach, focusing on the strengths of each child while

recognizing the stresses of the family. Both Ms. Gabby and Ms. Carol use many strategies to support a

child’s growth including specific activities and tools that encourage self-esteem, improved

communication, and better relationships with peers and adults.

Wanda Castillo is a vital part of the team, allowing us to communicate directly with Spanish-speaking

families. Wanda also supports families struggling with food insecurity, applying for services, and

accessing medical care.

Please feel free to contact any members of the team if you have questions or would like your child to

become involved with the Community Schools Project.

Carol Heald,LMFT

(603) 782-6264

Gabrielle McNulty

(603) 391-8822

Wanda Castillo

(603) 860-8122