Manchester City Library Children’s Room

Welcome back! Hope all is going well. Here is some of the latest news from the Manchester City Library Children’s Room.

Our main building on Pine Street is open during the week. We are open limit hours; they are M,W,F 9:00-11:00, 12:00-2:00 and 3:00-5:00; T, TH 11:00-1:00, 2:00-4:00, 5:00-7:00 as well as we have a limit number of patrons that in the building. Unfortunately, we do not have any in house programs right now. All our programming is being done virtual via our Facebook page and other social media.

September is Library Card Sign Up month. Did you know that if you work or go to school in the city of Manchester, you can get a library card? You can sign up for a library through our website; We also have a great selection of electronic resources and ebooks for all ages.

All our current museum passes are now available for families to check out. The last one, Museum of Fine Arts, finally announced their reopening date a few weeks ago. Many museums have restrictions (limited capacity and hours as well as timed tickets) but families can reserve them. All our passes are now letter or coupon format. They don’t need to be returned to the library; the museums are collecting them and keeping them.

At the beginning of July, Mary announced that after 15 years at the library, she would be retiring at the end of August. We were able to get her on the Bookmobile her last week for a mini-goodbye tour. Even though we are sad, we are also excited for her as she begins a new chapter. We hope to have a retirement party for her next Spring at the library.

Rose, Alex and I are planning some fun programs for families to do this Fall. Rose will be starting her storytimes soon. Lego challenges, Messy Art and fun family weekend ideas are some of the other programs that will be happening this Fall. One of our most popular program from the summer was our StoryWalks. The library and the city’s Parks and Recreation department put together two Storywalks at Livingston Park and the Rail Trail on the Westside. They were very popular. I’m excited to announce that we will be continuing Storywalks in the fall, winter and spring; basically all year around. It is a great way for families to enjoy the outdoors as well as read a story. We have two new stories ready to go; they will be up by the end of the September.

We will also have a new reading program for our youngest patrons. On October 1st, we will be launching a 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten reading program. It will be an online program through the READsquared platform. It is the same platform we used for our summer reading program. The program will run through 2021. I am also working on another reading program for the kids. I can’t give out all the details just yet. I hope to have all the details in place very soon.

This past Spring, we got some awesome news. Quirk Auto donated a new Bookmobile to us. After lots of planning, the new Bookmobile had a very successful 3-week debut in late August/early September. Thanks to all who helped out with the Bookmobile. It was great seeing everyone and watching the kid’s faces when they got their new books. With the new vehicle, we will be able to have to the Bookmobile on the road all year around. I’ll be sending out an email soon about the fall plans for the Bookmobile.

If there is anything you need, please let me know. We are here to help out in anyway or answer any questions.

Have a great weekend!

Talk to you soon.