Daily Schedule

Hours of Operation

8:15 am Free Breakfast Program (on playground)

8:30 am Students Enter School with Staff

2:50 pm K-5 Student Dismissal

important notes:

Arrival/ Dismissal

If you are dropping off your student, use the drop off lane at the front of the school so a staff member can greet your child. Then, we will bring him/her to the playground to meet his teacher and friends.

Starting Monday, please do not enter the playground area in the morning. Our goal is to organize the lines and move into the building at 8:30am so that our students can begin their morning routines and settle in to school. It is very important that your student learn to locate his or her line, and we have over 30 staff members who are assisting the students.

If your student misses the line (before 8:45am), please have them go to the cafeteria (through the doors near the playground). Staff members are there to escort them to class so that they are not lost in the building or considered tardy. We want to know where our students are at all times!

After 8:45am, you must escort your child to the main office and it will count as a tardy to school.

At the end of the day, we would appreciate it if parents could wait near the fences or picnic bench area, or outside of the corridor when your children enter the playground. Exiting the school and lining up with the teacher is a very important part of our school safety plan, and when people crowd the entrances, the students feel confused and overwhelmed. Letting them get to their spot successfully helps them know what to do in an emergency -- and allows the teacher to see that everyone is in the yard safely. This is a learning process for all of us!

Early Release

Students will be released at 11:15 am on early release days. Lunch is still served on early release days, however there may not be after school programs available. Please check with the program director for more information.

Delayed Opening

If there is a delayed opening, students will come to school two hours later than usual. There will be no morning reading. Breakfast doors will open at 10:15 and will be "grab and go" style to classrooms. Doors open at 10:30 and students are tardy at 10:45am.