Every day. Every student.


Priority Area I: Student Achievement & Priority Area II: Learning Organization

● By June 2020, 100% of students at Beech Street Elementary School will meet or exceed individual growth targets at a rate of one year’s growth per school year in both reading and mathematics as measured by state and local assessments.

● Over the next three years, the number of students who meet or exceed grade level standard on state and local assessments will increase by 7% each year for a total of 21% gain in schoolwide proficiency by June 2022.

● By June 2020, Beech Street Elementary School staff will increase capacity for professional development and instructional coaching for staff by implementing professional learning communities, as measured by qualitative data (PLC rubrics, surveys, CALL survey, and student work) as well as student growth on data (i-ready, state assessments, and classroom formative assessments, attendance, behavior, referrals).

Priority Area III: Strengthening District Operations & Priority Area V: Effective & Efficient Allocation of Resources

● By June 2020, Beech Street Elementary staff will increase our capacity to use culturally proficient and trauma informed practices by creating social emotional competencies for safe and supportive classroom and school climates, as measured by an impact student data revealing growth and achievement, increased attendance, and an improvement in student referrals. By facilitating the goals of Beech Street Elementary School and actively planning the resources, development, and instructional time,

Priority Area IV: Communication & Customer Service & Priority Area VI: Family & Community Partnership

● By June of 2020, Beech Street Elementary School staff will improve strategies for engaging families to access and participate in their children's learning by developing culturally proficient communication systems to increase parent and community involvement as evidenced by attendance at school events, increased academic outcomes, and surveys (including CALL).