Guidance & Social Work

The school counseling program at Beech Street encompasses many aspects. Your children are able to access Ms. Emerson as needed throughout the week. She has an open door policy so children and staff are able to speak to her when needed. She also offers small group instruction on areas such as friendship, self- esteem, and grief. She also does short term individual sessions with students on an as needed basis.She also goes into classrooms and provides lessons, and gives support to students and teachers. Ms. Emerson also welcomes phone calls and emails from parents about their children!

Social Worker - Ms. Wheeler

Social Workers help parents, students, and school staff identify needs that interfere with learning and work with students to get the services they need. Ms. Wheeler is the Beech social worker, and she is happy to work with your student! Social Workers work with general and special education students and their families to resolve social, emotional and behavioral problems. Ms. Wheeler loves to hear from families and students, so please email or call her!