Title I

What is Title I?

The Title One program is a federally funded program that provides support for Language Arts and Math instruction. Beech Street’s Title One Program is designed to enhance learning for all students in grades K-5. The Title One Interventionists work to ensure that each child has the individual support he or she needs to grow as a student in Reading, Writing, and Math. This instruction will not replace classroom instruction, but will supplement it. Children may receive support for the entire school year or just occasionally as needed. Students who are ready for an academic challenge may also be placed in a challenge group.

Meet the Title I Staff

Title I Reading Supervisor

  • Maureen Sheedy-Morris - msheedymorris@mansd.org

Instructional Coaches

  • Tanya Cloyd (K-2) - tcloyd@mansd.org

  • Kim Girard (3-5) - kgirard@mansd.org

Title I Social Worker

  • Kathleen Wheeler - kwheeler@mansd.org

Title I Intervention Teachers

  • Lisa Harvey

Title I Certified Instructors

  • Julie Marcellino

Important Title I Paperwork

2022-2023 Parent Involvement Policy

Title I Parent Involvement Policy

MSD Home-School Compact

Home-School Compact 08_2019 .pdf

Parents' Right to Know

Parents Right to Know 2020-21

Beech Street Title I Abstract