Role Model Class 2019-2020

Bobby the Bobcat names his Role Model Classes!

When a Beech member notices a class displaying role model behavior during the week, they can nominate them for Role Model Class. All nominations will be read on the afternoon announcements each Friday and one class will be chosen as the Role Model Class of the week! This class will have Bobby the Bobcat as a guest in their classroom the following week!

Check back on Fridays to see if your student's class was named!

November 16: Ms. Chandronnait's class: They were nominated three different times during the week: for art, health and being awesome for their guest teacher while their teacher was out.

November 9: Ms. Landry's fifth grade! . They were respectful and responsible throughout the week. They were quiet in the hallway and excellent authors in Writer’s Workshop. They did a great job with math rotations and role models in art class.

November 2: Ms. Girard’s class stole the show and have Bobby Bobcat for a second week this year. The students saw that someone had drawn on the wall with a crayon, and without any adult prompting, they chose to clean the walls themselves. It was so touching and kind of them to take responsibility and care for the building!

October 24: Ms. Jennison's class did a great job this week and received four extra compliments while in the hall. Plus, they took their diagnostics very seriously!

October 17: Ms. Stoltz's second grade class has been working quietly and respectfully during Reader’s Workshop all week! They really have down their classroom routines and using their voices appropriately!

October 11: Ms. Eurich's fifth grade class has been working hard on their iReady diagnostic and using Chromebooks respectfully!

October 4: Ms. Girard’s first grade students have followed routines and rituals all week. They have received 12 compliments in the hallway, showing respect for our school and classes learning. We have received a compliment from each Special this week, showing kindness, listening and pride. In class, they have put forth so much effort in math and reading, reaching a 15 minute independent reading stamina! The students have not used “I can’t” once this week. It was a goal of ours.

September 27: Ms. Mazumdar's first grade class were absolutely responsible and respectful every where they went!

September 20: Ms. Crow's kindergarten class was very caring and showed great respect to their teacher this week by helping her in the classroom!

September 13: Ms. Chandronnait's class had amazing role model behavior all week. They did a great job showing their building and classroom routines!