Newsletters - November Edition

First Grade

Third Grade

Second Grade

Fifth Grade

Hello Beech Families!

We are halfway through November! As we are marching closer to winter and real cold weather, it’s really important that your student has the appropriate outside wear - and have it labeled with the student’s name inside. That way, if it shows up in lost and found, you have a chance of identifying it quicker!

This week’s role model class is Chandronnait’s third grade. They were nominated three different times during the week: for art, health and being awesome for their guest teacher while their teacher was out. The week before, who was nominated multiple times this week, was Ms. Landry’s fifth grade. They were respectful and responsible throughout the week. They were quiet in the hallway and excellent authors in Writer’s Workshop. They did a great job with math rotations and role models in art class.

This week:

The fifth grade is going to the Rex Theatre on Thursday to see The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Be sure you’ve signed your child’s permission slip so that they can attend! The bus leaves on time at 9:05, and if your student misses the bus, we have no way of transporting them.

Did you know?

Each one of our grade levels is working on Project Based Learning: that means they’ve picked a topic, and they are learning through real life challenges. For example, fifth grade is reviewing how much trash the lunches pull in at Beech - and they’re reviewing their data next week so they can pose questions. It’s an opportunity for our students to make an impact on their learning and community!

The Outstanding Citizen Program is an important part of Beech Street School and has been for many years. This program focuses on students who show exemplary behavior in school. Every month, from October through May, each classroom, picks one student as their Outstanding Citizen. These are students who exemplify the 5 Beech street rules; respect, responsibility, caring, safety and being bobcat proud. Students who are picked will have to show these traits both in their homeroom, at their specials and during lunch and recess. Their name is announced on the first Friday of the following month and they will receive a certificate signed by both their homeroom teacher and the principal. We will be updating our website with photos of our citizens shortly!

Thank you for continued support at Beech! November is a short month that can be very difficult because of all the interruptions leading to a holiday weekend. We appreciate your patience and feedback - and love seeing you and your children every day!


Dr. Esparza, Principal