Principal's Page

September 2020

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Hello Bobcats,

The Manchester School District is so excited to begin preparations for the next level of hybrid learning. We at Beech need to plan so that we can provide our best for our students. We are asking parents to please select the next preferred learning model for your child. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate changes to your child's learning plan, depending on staff availability. We want to and this is why we are asking now!

Please know that this is only for students grade 2-5, and it needs to be completed for every child you have in grades 2-5.

In-person instruction will only be offered when the guidance metrics are in place. We will be very specific and direct with information when we are able to move to this phase.

Our survey is simple: please check off whether you would want your student to attend:

HYBRID - meaning that they would attend school 2 days a week while being online learning for 3 days.

REMOTE FOR NOW - staying all 5 days online learning. Your student would not be coming to the building. Perhaps at some point in the spring, you might revisit this option.

REMOTE ALL YEAR - you are not planning to send your student back to school if the option exists this year.

We look forward to being able to organize our next phases and slowly bringing our bobcats back to the building! The hybrid students have done a great job so far, and I have no doubt that our 2-5 students would be able to participate in their safe, caring, bobcat proud ways!

Thank you for helping us, and when I am able to share our findings and our next steps, I will absolutely do so,


Dr. E, Principal