Principal's Page

March 20, 2020

Dear Families,

Thank you for the unconditional support and love that you’ve shown this week. Our staff has been arriving at the building super early and not leaving until super late - and they’ve been so excited to reach out to your families.

The packets of work from the bus are the same as the online remote learning that is on the site. This packet is a requirement for all students at Beech. That is 10 days of work, and we plan to release some videos on Monday to help parents navigate that work! Please don’t race through it or work on the weekends - that is family time and just like work, we can burn out and lose interest quickly.

Did you know that if we get the work back from Beech students, then we will be able to count that as real school days?! We will send out info about collecting these items. Right now, if you want feedback from your teacher, you can email it to them, or send pics through remind!

Our website is in constant update. We are adding stories, photos, and learning opportunities. Remote learning through your individual teacher or grade level has not started yet! Do not worry that you are missing lessons - staff is preparing but not ready for this yet. But YET is a big word because our teams have been getting ready and are excited to share with you.

I will be as explicit as possible when releasing information about learning. I realize that it can be difficult to take it on, and this is a learning experience for all of us. But Team Beech is unstoppable, and we will be working diligently with our family - you!

Be safe! Be well! Wash your hands!