Arrival & Dismissal

8:15 am Teachers on duty & breakfast for students is served

8:30 am Teachers and students begin the school day

2:50 pm Classes end and students are dismissed


All students who come to school late, after 8:30am, enter through the main doors. They will be accompanied by an adult to get a pass from Mrs. Rogers in the office before going to class.

The first week of school, all staff members will be outside on duty from 8:25-8:30. Starting the second week of school, classroom teachers will meet their students in the designated area at 8:30am. Teachers will transition their class to the classrooms using the same door they use for fire drills by 8:35.

On rainy and cold days (below 20°), all students will enter the school through the cafeteria. K-2 will wait in the cafeteria and 3-5 will wait in the gymnasium.


All students will be dismissed from the playground. Students that attend 21st and Y-Start will be dismissed from the playground to the assigned cafeteria door.

Students are expected to leave the school grounds immediately at dismissal unless they are attending an after school program. There is no after school supervision available for students. Dismissal is at 2:50 pm. Students will be picked up on the playground.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Parents are not allowed in the building at dismissal. This is a safety issue. We cannot possibly know every parent by sight and do not want strangers walking through the building. As indicated above, you are to meet your child at the playground side of the building if you are driving or walking him/her home. If you are picking your child up early, come to the school office. The adult who comes to get them must be on the emergency contact list in Aspen and have a valid identification.