What I Need Wednesdays

Wednesdays at Beech are a day for independent learning. As this is our first remote Wednesday together, I wanted to share the information so that you are able to help your student prepare for their day. We tried to keep the schedule a bit lighter and more social-emotionally connected this Wednesday. In later Wednesdays, you will see additional blocks of time such as i-Ready and interventions scheduled for students. However, we are all still working on our routines, relationships, and learning, so we will work through this Wednesday together!

Our goals

  1. To check into the google classroom, watch the additional video and answer the Question of the Day that the teacher has posted. This counts towards attendance records, so please complete it.

  2. Participate in the office hours. These are special hours where your teacher will be waiting in the Google Classroom to offer additional assistance. You can ask your teacher for 1-1 time, or you might be asked to participate in a small group. This information will be specialized for students so that we can work to support you as best as possible.

  3. Join our Remote Day Special. This is a pre-recorded specialist video for your student’s subject area (art, physical education, health, library, or music). This is a required class for all students - and it’s supposed to be enjoyable. Be sure to log in and complete the work, which is also located in your student’s Google Classroom.

  4. Independent Reading and Flashcard practice. All Beech Students have flashcards that are grade level appropriate - and they should be practicing their skills like they did before! Be creative and work with a sibling, a friend, a family member. Then, be sure to share some independent reading -- even if you read to yourself, you're doing a great job!

  5. Complete your i-ready if you have not already done so!